Candle Details

20 hour Burn Time

Height: 7 cm
Weight: 0.24 kg
Diameter: 7 cm

25 hour Burn Time

Height: 7.5 cm
Weight: 0.34 kg
Diameter: 7.6 cm


Vessel: Glass
Candle: paraffin wax, plant based wax
Wick: Cotton and other cellulose based materials

Sustainability and Environment

Once you have burned every last vanilla'd scent from this candle, you can reuse its glass cup. The material in this product may be recyclable. Please check the recycling rules in your community and if recycling facilities exist in your area.

Candle Tips

  1. For the first burn, let the candle burn for up to 3-4 hours - or until the melted "pool" reaches the edge.
  2. Always trim your wick to a quarter inch before burning. If your wick is too long, the flame will be too big and can become a fire hazard and also give off smoke that shouldn't be there. (Nail clippers work great for wooden wicks!)
  3. Clear any debris from your candle before burning, including any soot build-up on the wick. This will help your candle to last longer and burn cleaner! Never burn near anything flammable.